Garden maintenance

Garder maintenanceOur garden maintenance service is customized to meet your requirements and your budget. It can include full garden maintenance everything from lawn mowing to pruning, hedge trimming, weeding and plant replacement or it can simply be annual or bi-annual garden tidy ups. We also provide fast and effective garden makeovers when you are thinking of selling your house in auction. It is a simple and cost effective way how to rapidly increase the value of your property.

Turf laying and lawn services

Turf laying and lawn servicesWe provide a complete lawn replacement service from clearing and leveling of your garden ready for a new lawn, through to providing topsoil to nourish the lawn, and finally laying the new lawn.

Irrigation systems

Irrigation systemsWe focus on providing user friendly garden irrigation, fitted sensitively to suit any garden, whatever its size.

Whether it`s lawn sprinklers we installing, or drip irrigation for the garden beds, we understand the needs of our customers and are confident that we can create a garden irrigation to suit their garden.

Custom made herb gardens

Custom made herb gardensA herb garden is one of the most cost effective additions you can make to your garden and lifestyle.

Build from brick or treated timber they last forever, they are very low maintenance and they are there to give you a great opportunity to grow fresh herbs all year around in your own garden.

We can also supply you with the beautiful pot-like herb gardens. They are easy to move around wherever and whenever you need them.

Stump removing and minor tree surgery

Stump removing and minor tree surgery

  • tree stump removal (grinding a tree stump to saw dust)
  • tree crown lift (removing of the lowest branches)
  • tree crown thinning (partial removal of branches to create a uniform structure)
  • tree crown re-shaping
  • tree pruning and maintenance
  • tree trimming and lopping services

High pressure cleaning, jetwashing

High pressure cleaning, jetwashingIf your path, stone work or brickwork is looking tired and dirty, high pressure cleaning is a very cost effective solution. It can also strip timber decks and prepare them for a new coat of paint or decking oil.

Synthetic grass

Synthetic grassWhether you are looking to transform your back garden, front garden or you would just like a safe play area for the children to play, then synthetic grass is answer to all your problems.
It is shrewd investment as your garden will be vastly improved whilst adding value to your home.

With synthetic grass there is no need for petrol/electric lawnmowers, no fertilizers, chemicals or grass cuttings. One of the huge advantages is never having to water the lawn again.